Breakups are tough but we’re here to help. The breakup assist app will help you go through this tough situation. Post your breakup story and wait for comments. Getting useful insights from other users is one part of it.

You can log what you didn’t like about your ex and every time you open the app you will be welcomed with an inspirational quote and one of your “dislikes”. Increased exposition to them will help you process your loss and realize there is more awaiting for you!

Explore more features below.

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 Post a Story

Feeling blue? Want to share your breakup story with us? Go ahead! It is totally anonymous since you post everything under a nickname. You will receive comments from other users and get a new perspective so it is very important you keep it honest.

Keep track of your posts

Once you posted your story you can see how many people have commented on it. You can delete comments if you want, you’re in control.


Look for other’s stories

As a community, we aim to help each other. Look for posts, read them and leave a comment.

You can search them by username, the latests posts or show only the posts you have commented on.

Leave your insight

Read carefully every story. Do you want to chime in? You can! Just be respectful with the author’s feelings. Your perspective as an unbiased reader might be able to help and find new things the author might have missed!


Message others

We are aware that some things cannot be said publicly so if you find trustworthy users, go ahead and send them a message. Only authors can start a conversation and you can only send messages to people that have commented on your posts.

Get inspired

We think a very important part of personal growth is exposition to other people’s perspectives and oppinions. We have a collection of inspirational quotes waiting for you.


Treasure your thoughts

Keep and collect every thought you have throughout the day and read it later. This diary is only for you. You’ll see how life improves eventually!

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